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Setting the on-rails action of Operation Wolf in the Gears of War universe, battle your way through the desolate first level of this prototype we barely put together for the cool #LowRezJam2018!

Control the crosshairs with the cursor keys, shoot with the 'Z' key and change between the 4 available weapons with the 'X'. XZellent!!

A LOT of ideas were left out as we didn't have the time to get them in the protoype, but we may end up finishing this bad boy, so please stay tuned! ;)

A game prototype by:

  • Quim Sabaté (@KippleBit): programming and sound effects
  • Jaime Ribolleda: graphics and programming

- Corrected error where the Drones didn't start moving until they entered the view
- Changed the sprites for the 4 types of ammo, in order to make them easier to identify
- Added some more enemies to the mix!


WolZers of War 2 MB

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